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“What’s in it for ME?” Most employees, dealers, customers and people in general are motivated to work for themselves, not a company. Whether your employees are working harder for recognition, lateral advancement or a merit increase, or your dealer channel partners are looking at their bottom lines – the common question they all ask themselves is: “what’s in it for me?”

An integral part of your employee reward program is the “prize” or the reward fulfillment earned by your employee groups. Employee Reward Recognition utilizes RewardTrax, a cutting edge online, point-based software. With RewardTrax, your employees will have a full service, ready to use Web-based reward platform at their fingertips whenever they are ready to redeem their program points. They can easily browse through literally millions of rewards – from the best of travel and events tickets to a full array of merchandise rewards – all of which show current availability and pricing.

In addition to the millions of rewards our online reward catalog hosts, your organization has the option to add your own custom categories such as corporate logo rewards, point of sale displays, your actual products, certificates and more!

You can make this your reality simply by:

  1. Review the 3 minute RewardTrax Flash Overview
  2. Fill out the submission form
  3. Call 1-866-567-7432

Expect an answer with in 24 hours and a program your boss will love within 4 weeks!

At Employee Reward Recognition, we are more than just a reward recognition technology; we offer a full marketing solution. Even the smallest of our programs have 24-7 online administrative access, so you can manage your employee reward program anytime, anywhere! This includes full access to our real-time reporting analysis tool, the robust communication tool and more. From the start, you will have your very own Account Management Team working with you to assess your company’s needs and build an employee reward recognition program designed to be a custom fit for your corporate identity and objectives.

The objectives developed and rewards offered in a well planned and communicated employee reward recognition program will transform a corporate marketing objective into a personal goal for each employee; thus, making your corporation’s reason personal. You will soon see the behavioral changes desired, aligning your employee’s goals and behaviors with that of your organization.

Employee-Reward-Recognition.com focuses entirely on Instant Rewards by RewardTrax – an Internet-based reward and recognition program. RewardTrax is completely customizable, automated and integrates with well-known CRM software solutions. Our clients are empowered to custom design a cost-effective program that delivers millions of items to program participants – all priced and delivered with the efficiency of the Internet. No middleman. No upfront cost. Virtually no effort on your part. Inspire, motivate, recognize, reward and thank the people who improve your business performance. Set up online or call 1.866.567.7432 and we will do it for you!

Flash Overview

RewardTrax offers a fast set up timeline (within 2-4 weeks). No barriers. No set up fees. No management fees. You only pay for the points you decide to grant. You even get a RewardTrax system specialist to help with all your program needs.

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We focus on our clients’ return on investment; it is a top priority. We can quantify the mathematical ROI for RewardTrax – along with other intangible benefits that factor into a successful business program.


Employee Reward Recognition is the composite of the accounting, procurement and distribution of quality awards that empower and drive employee performance, via an online shopping platform.

You are a busy HR executive and charged with fulfilling an employee reward program. You feel that “you’ve been there, done that” with traditional warehouse catalog rewards and are afraid the Employee Reward Recognition will take up too much of your valued time and effort. Effective Employee Reward Recognition requires you to utilize the best technology found on the internet via the latest SAAS models.

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