An integral part of your employee reward program is the “prize” or the reward fulfillment earned by your employee groups. Employee reward recognition uses the cutting edge, online, point-based software – RewardTrax. With RewardTrax, your employees will have a complete, ready to use Web-based platform whenever they decide to redeem their program points. Our reward fulfillment platform makes it easy to find the rewards they want, whenever they want them. Your employees will browse through literally millions of rewards, from the best in travel and event tickets, to a full array of merchandise rewards. All rewards display availability and pricing, in real time. Your employees will even have access to the “on sale” rewards that the internet offers!

The objectives developed and rewards offered in a well planned and communicated Employee reward recognition program will transfer a corporate marketing objective into a personal goal for each employee, thus making your corporation’s reason – a personal reason. You will soon see the behavioral changes desired, aligning your employees goals and behaviors with that of your organization.

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